My Story

How this thing got started?

Well, it’s simple. When you marry a man, who just has no interest in being that dreamy husband that builds you all those pretty things you’d like (but you love and admire all of his other fabulous qualities) and you’re non other than scraping the barrel to get by because you are pretty broke but you really want nice things! YOU LEARN QUICKLY!

I am a believer that everything is possible! So I called my dad, asked if he had an old saw, or any old tools, kicking around the house. Used some Canadian Tire points and a Christmas gift card and purchased a set of Dewalt Drill and Driver. Then wandered through the lumber yard like a lost puppy dog… to embarrassed to ask for help.

As much as I wanted to leave the lumber yard with my head down, thinking who the hell am I to be here with all theses professional contractors shopping for lumber?! The answer came to me – “I am just as gosh darn worthy of being here as any of them” (using my Wonder Women pose, standing in at no more than 4 feet 11 inches tall). “I can do this!”.

What happened next was magic. “Excuse me, sir” I proudly said, “can you please reach that board for me? Oh nope, the other one that one has a crack! Thank you”.

Just like that I was a carpenter! But no, really, that was the start of it all. Because when you get out of your own thoughts and out of your own way, with a little bit of elbow grease and a few cuss words, anything is possible! Through trial and error I gained confidence in a world that I thought I may never fit into!

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