Build her up!

I would love for you to get inspired, and share with me the dream you are chasing. I want a community of women that build each other up! Cheer each other on and fix each other’s crowns!

I love what I do, I want you to feel the same about what you do!

Looking for some inspiration these are some of the ladies who inspire me!

Of course my biggest inspiration comes from the two women who made me who I am today My Mom and my Sister in-law Carrie Chamberlain!

However if you are looking for a book a podcast or a website that is in the global and local markets check out these ladies!

Marie Forlio, Jenna Kutcher, Rachelle Hollis all of them started from the bottom and are now running 6 figure companies google them I promise you will love them too!

Some of our Incredible local talents.

Melissa Payton-VanNorman, Kerry Ramsey, Angela Bell follow these ladies on Social media google them. These ladies are the building blocks of our community.

Please share below in the comments of the women in your community who inspire you!