D.I.Y. Backsplash

D.I.Y. Backsplash

Ever think of doing a backsplash in your kitchen using plywood? I know it might be against the rules but I did it anyway and it’s looking great! Plus the best part is that it’s not expensive to pull off.

All you need is a few sheets of 1/4 inch sanded plywood, which runs you around $40 a sheet, cut down to 3×8 inch pieces. I nailed it up using 1 1/4 inch nails, went over it with paint and stain, sealed it with Varathane Diamond Wood Finish for Floors, and then caulked the bottom to protect against moisture.

Slowly but surely we are getting this kitchen closer to completion and I’m really happy you’re along for the ride. Keep checking back for more updates on this cost-effective DIY kitchen.

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